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Florida's Finest was founded in 1998 by Florida natives to offer free information about places to go and things to do in Florida -- from a Floridian's perspective.

For years, we maintained the site by hand, checking each link to be sure it provided useful information about Florida places and things, not tourist traps with open pockets and flashing banners.

Six years was a long time to maintain a site by hand, especially with the advent of PHP, ASP, and other web site programming languages that generate pages according to the selections by the site visitor.

To that end, Florida's Finest got a facelift. We input all our former links, and offered a more automated way for others to submit their sites to our directory. All links must still be approved (they are not for sale), but we can now offer other valuable services such as live newsfeeds, banner advertising sales, classified ads, shopping, and travel deals.

If you are interested in purchasing this valuable domain or a text link on this existing site, please email using "Contact Us."

Thank you for visiting www.Floridasfinest.com

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